Graduate Students

Mi Kwi Cho
Mi Kwi received a BSc (Hons) in Biology from York University, Ontario.  Although she is from Japan, she is of Korean descent. Her encounter with a Japanese language instructor during her undergraduate career has inspired her to pursue a career in teaching languages. Her MA thesis is about Western neologisms into Japanese language as a wide range of scientific terms utilized in Japan have originated from a Western scientific concept. 

  Zhourui Chen
Zhourui Chen received her BA (2015) in Chinese language and literature from China.  In her current MA program,she is studying Chinese Literature under the supervision of Professor Daniel Fried, hoping to spread Chinese culture overseas in the future. She is also interested in exploring classical Chinese literature, especially ancient poetry (Tang Song poems) and Ming-Qing novels. She also enjoys Chinese cooking and tea.  

  Yingduo Cui

   Saori Daiju
Interactional Linguistics, Japanese Linguistics

ying_huang_thumbnail Ying Huang
Ying received an MA in Japanese education from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies in 2005. She is currently interested in exploring issues in Japanese religion. Before coming to the University of Alberta, she taught Japanese in China for about ten years.  She enjoys Chinese traditional opera, especially Yue Opera, and has participated in plenty of festivals.

  Xuxiang Jiang
Research focus is Korean-Chinese (Korean minority group's) identity issues in China by analyzing diaspora literature (novels) written by Korean-Chinese writers.  As a Korean descent in China, her personal background experiences are in part what made her interested in this topic.

Mengqi Li
Research interests are cultural and history studies of Okinawa and Hokkaido from the perspective of post-colonialism and Edward Said's orientalism.

  Kerry Sluchinski
A combined Chinese and Japanese major, East Asian Studies minor, Kerry graduated in 2015 from the University of Alberta with a BA degree, along with a certificate in Translation studies in both Chinese and Japanese. She is pursuing an MA in Chinese Linguistics and Pedagogy and eager to gain further linguistic knowledge that would be beneficial in pursuing the career of a professional translator. Her current research interest lies in the creation and semantic amplification in the homophonic grapheme for the third-person gender specific pronoun ta in Mandarin Chinese social media.

  Jane Traynor
Originally from Calgary, AB, Jane graduated from the University of Alberta in 2015 with a double major in Japanese Language and Literature and Drama. Currently in her MA program, studying under the guidance of Professor Anne Commons, she is studying Japanese premodern theatre, particularly the function of kata, or fixed patterns, in no and kyogen. she also enjoys eating, tea and karate. 

  Peng Wang
Peng is from Beijing, China. He received an MA in Environmental Economics at the University of Hokkaido, Japan.  Research interest is in Japanese culture.

  Xiaoyun Wang
Research interests are Second Language Acquisition, Chinese Linguistics, Chinese Language Teaching.

  Xuanying Wang
Xuanying majored in Chinese language and literature from Tianjin Normal University in China.  Research interest is in comparative literature, specifically trying to find some connections and interactions between Chinese literature and western literary theory.

  Yuan Zhang
Comparative literature, critical theory, Chinese classics.