Linguistic and Interactional Units in Everyday Speech: a Cross-Linguistic Perspective

June 21-22 , 2013 (immediately before ICLC12)

University of Alberta


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This workshop focuses on ‘units’ as the main topic of discussion. We will have presentations by each of the participants on this central notion in linguistics, coupled with discussion and collaborative examination of everyday speech data from typologically diverse languages including English, Finnish, French, Japanese, Javanese, Mandarin, Miyako, and Nuuchahnulth. Some of the general questions which we would like to address in the workshop include:

What is meant by the term ‘unit’ in linguistics?
Are units a useful way of conceptualizing language?
Are units identifiable in everyday speech data?
If so, what are they and what do they do?
Are those units related and do they interact with each other, and if so how?
What are the implications of (the lack of) units in theorizing about language?

Everyone is invited to attend the workshop, but if you would like to present and/or have questions regarding the event, please contact Yoshi Ono at